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Blue Lanes - A Strategy for Integrating Driverless Mobility

The Blue Line The Driverless Road Planning for the driverless road Structure 1 The challenge It's the road stupid You think congestion is bad now Where has all the money gone? 2 A modest proposal Design guidelines 3 Why act now(summary) Its about the Road 4 Blue lanes in seattle Notes from an earlier revolution And one even earlier And before that Case Studies Why Blue? Intro to me and my vision For Multiple routes-intermittent usage.  Designated routes should have flexible timetables( think bike route during the day, deliveries at night, pedestrian mall/pop-up market on the weekends) Vehicle signaling.  No need for fixed signaling, av's used to announce oncoming traffic with projectors, flashing lights, and sounds(preferably music) Also, municipal governments must create a carrot and stick in order to do you effectively with mobility providers. Since you just woke government cannot Control the operation o